I'm Nibby (or sannu! in VRC). You can find me on discord as nibby#0001 or if I have changed it then just paste this in a channel somewhere <@175403545388908544> :o


I started playing this game in April, I think. Before the whole corona thing struck. Spent a whole bunch of time here and met so many amazing people. Experienced friendships, love, sadness, longing, breakups and whole bucketfull more sadness. And this is, with little doubt, the most emotionally invested game I've played.



I've made a few different ones over the months, most are fembois uwu. I'll probably maybe post some at some point later :o In the meantime you can take a look at these.


Sometimes I might pick up commissions :o

Unity / assets

I just uploaded whatever I found on my desktop. Feel free to grab anything you like from there.